A philosopher lamented about his expensive coat before disposing of it to save himself a whole lot of trouble. On the surface, he might have seemed a bit dramatic or in typical philosopher’s style, suffering from an aversion towards luxury. However, on closer inspection, we find that what he was going through is something we all live with till today.

Our ability as humans to be aware of how we are perceived makes us self-conscious, which, as a result, can leave us in discontent about the perception we feel we are giving off. Subconsciously, this has a way
of pushing us towards unifying all aspects of our lives to reflect one particular image, as opposed to appearing scattered and unified. In fashion, this means when we buy a new pair of shoes, we need something to compliment it or it becomes an oddity in our wardrobe. So if you have every found yourself going outfit shopping instead of item shopping, well now you know why.

This tendency towards buying more clothes to match what we already have is sometimes harmless. We even go as far as stretching our budget to ensure our Chanel bag is not being complemented by our Primark coat. However, this habit of doing so as a ‘treat’, living well above our finical means is likely to get us stuck in a loop.

Afraid of giving off the impression that we have squandered our life’s savings on a bag, or a watch, we find ourselves scrambling to buy other luxury items in a bid to create an impression of having a sought after
lifestyle, as opposed to one we live. This is often a result of the media promising a better life from higher social standing to premium paying consumers. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking good or indulging in high society fashion, it is important to ask ourselves if we are dressing to express our standing in society or to reflect our identity. Perhaps, we might just be posing as someone we are not, which can have us falling into an unsustainable luxury addiction.

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William Ifeanyi Moore is a prolific writer, poet, and spoken word artist, with a keen interest in exploring how different artistic media influence cultures and societies. He holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth.

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