A Traveller’s Guide to Wining and Dining in Durban

A Traveller’s Guide to Wining and Dining in Durban

Famous for its amazingly delicious curries and even more impressive seafood, Durban is one of the top holiday destinations that offer enticing cuisine to travellers. With new restaurants, bars, and cafés springing up, Durban is the foodie’s destination for experiencing flavours, both spicy and enticing.

Below is a traveller’s guide to wining and dining in Durban.

Spiga d’Oro

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Located in the heart of Berea, Spiga d’Oro serves quality, authentic Italian dishes at reasonable prices—a trademark that makes the restaurant stand out. With a relaxing and a toasty interior, a water fountain, and herb-filled planters mounted on the walls, Spiga d’Oro makes the perfect lunch spot. In addition, there is a diverse selection of cocktails to pair with your meal.

Freedom Café

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The brainchild of award-winning cookbook writer, advertising and design guru Neil Roake, Freedom Café is both trendy and hip. Situated in a highly popular garden of Concierge Boutique Bungalows, the café consists of a red shipping container that boasts of mirrored walls with oldies hairdos that sit atop visitors’ heads in the reflection when seated. Freedom Café’s detailed expressions make it a great place to stop by for a refreshing breakfast, a delightful lunch, or even a cup of coffee. It also offers a selection of fuller mains, organic salads and open sarmies as well as spunky music.


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Situated on uShaka Pier, Moyo is an African-themed restaurant that is contemporary and tailored to suit the tastes of its patrons. Moyo is the first restaurant that extends 150 metres into the sea and the only place from where you can view the sunset over the Durban city skyline. Moyo also offers handcrafted African jewelry as souvenirs from your trip to the city.

Taco Zulu

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Taco Zulu is the perfect place to get your taste buds dancing with Mexican-style corn, quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, chili peppers, beans, and beer.  Situated in Durban’s trendiest restaurant district, Taco Zulu is a fun spot that is just right for end-of-week lunch breaks. Unique selling points include light meals in generous portions with reasonable prices, ridiculously comfortable couches, and outdoor picnic seating that conveys a sense of adventure and fun.


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Situated on Snell Parade, Daruma allows diners the ultimate eating experience of teppanyaki style and a regular dining style for those looking for a more private dining experience. Teppanyaki style means the food is cooked on a hot griddle right in front of diners. With a relaxing atmosphere, reasonable prices and great food, Daruma is one of the places to wine and dine in Durban. The fusion-style dishes offer diners a wide selection from which to select from.

Market Restaurant

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Sophisticated and trendy, this garden restaurant, for romantic meetings, business meetings or to simply have lunch with friends. Market Restaurant is situated on Marriot Road, Greyville, which offers a quiet place to relax and enjoy the view and cuisine.

Butcher Boys Grill

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Butcher Boys Grill is reputed to be the go-to place for high-quality meat. Here, diners are afforded the opportunity to choose their cut and how well they want it cooked. Famous for their basting sauce, Butcher Boys Grill also offers seafood and salad dishes that are definitely worth trying.

Unity Bar and Brasserie

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A pub with all the fundamentals of a hip, skilled beer-drinking hole, Unity Bar is a philosophy that embraces fresh food, with local, honest and even fresher flavours. Adventurers enjoy comfort meals, as well as authentic Durban curries with desserts. The bar is also a favourite with beer and sports lovers who like to relax with their dinner. Unity Bar and Brasserie is situated at Silverause Centre in Musgrave.

The Factory Café

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Situated in the industrial section of Durban, the Factory Café is a coffee shop that doubles as a music and entertainment venue. It also features a historic Colombo coffee roaster, which adds to its trendy, grunge vibe. With freshly roasted artisanal coffee, exclusive teas, fresh juice, tasty treats, and a light seasonal menu, the Factory Café is delightful place to wine and dine when visiting Durban.

Bar Ba Coa

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Situated in Lighthouse Mall, Umhlanga Rocks, Bar Ba Coa is said to be the perfect eating space. With big, open windows, bold red walls adorned with wooden photo-frames, and vintage black-and-white photographs that create a beautiful contrast to the walls, Bar Ba Coa is a stunning piece of architecture that is simply welcoming. What’s more, it boasts of even better-tasting food.

Durban has definitely begun to establish itself as the go-to destination for food lovers. While it may have been overshadowed in the past, by the very presence of Cape Town and Johannesburg, Durban has come into its own limelight as one of the top places to wine and dine in South Africa.



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