Top 5 Cafés in Johannesburg

Top 5 Cafés in Johannesburg

For many who plan to visit southern Africa, stopping by in Johannesburg is most often compulsory. Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city is a major travel destination with several fun places, events, and things to do. For many travellers, Johannesburg is more than just a concrete jungle; she offers much, both historically and culturally. Ranked as one of the most interesting cities in the world, Johannesburg is key to the economic and cultural makeup of South Africa. Also called Joburg, Jozi or iGoli, the industrial city vaunts a diverse range of bistros, restaurants and cafés. Here is our list of the top 5 cafes in Johannesburg.

The Whippet Coffee

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A creatively designed and relaxing space, the café is one of Joburg’s chic and popular hangout options, especially for breakfast. Tourists, visitors, and locals rave a lot about this place. Why? Because they offer hand-crafted food and speciality teas and coffees.

The Whippet Coffee’s mission is to educate South Africans on their history through coffee, excellent cuisine, art, design, and architecture. The cafés passion for experiencing coffee is hinged on a belief that it is a sit-down moment to share stories with loved ones and colleagues. The finest coffee beans roasted and blended by the best, and made by competition ready baristas is what The Whippet offers. All dishes are also freshly prepared – including papaya bowls filled with homemade granola and yoghurt, as well as a potato rosti breakfast with herbed potatoes, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, tomato relish and watercress.

Voodoo Lily Café

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The Voodoo Lily Café is located in Birdhaven – a luxury family suburb in Joburg. A family and community meeting point where everyone can find something to drink or eat, it is often described as a chilled out venue where you can eat and still be able to purchase a variety of deli items too. Home away from home, the café ensures that each guest receives an excellent dining experience with speedy, skilled and sociable service. With a park across the road that has a jungle gym for children, the Voodoo Lily Café goes the extra mile in ensuring they feel at ease away from their parents, who are most likely to be having their favourite coffee or wine.

Nice On 4th

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Nice on 4th opened in 2006 and has rapidly become a sensational breakfast location for locals and tourists, with a signature breakfast of an egg basket made of toast baskets filled with poached eggs, bacon and topped with spiced tomato relish. Baskets for vegetarians and salmon lovers are also available at the café, which has a great cake selection that includes lemon meringue pies, Belgian chocolate cakes and brownies, roulade, carrot cake, macaroons, cheesecake, pear and almond tarts. In addition, delicious homemade steak and chicken pies, as well as fresh salad and Panini, make up the menu.

By the way, Nice on 4th also offers a great cup of coffee, and fresh fruit juices, squeezed right there in the café.

Patisserie de Paris

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A popular pastry and coffee shop, as well as boulangerie, Patisserie de Paris utilises traditional French baking methods and an elegant continental style. Open every day of the week, the café’s baristas are French- trained and speak French, an added bonus if you want the genuine French experience.

Salvation Café

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The Salvation Café prides itself as “the soul of good, fresh and honest food”. Inspired by her travels around the world on her private luxury yachts, Claudia Giannoccaro’s creativity with food is an odyssey – the kind that elevates and reminds you of home, having been produced from local ingredients sourced from which ever country she visits. 

If you ever find yourself in Johannesburg, don’t forget to check out these 5 top cafés. It is bound to be an unforgettable experience of great coffee, excellent dishes and superb service.





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