Toni Stuart: The Artists’ Call

Toni Stuart: The Artists’ Call

Award-winning South African poet Toni Stuart will lead a hands-on workshop exploring the call to artistic work on July 22, 2017 at the Rivington Place, London.

Why do you feel called to do the work you are doing? How does that calling sustain and inform the work you choose to make and the jobs you say yes or no to?

Whether we paint with oil or light, we write poems or film scripts, sculpt with clay or sound – each artist has an obsession, a desire, an unanswerable question that simultaneously draws us in to the work, and out of ourselves in the quest to answer it.

This question could have many other names: vision, purpose, mission, the dream. All of these things are the various forms that this question can take – but the question itself remains the same. It is the very foundation of our work, it is what drives us and motivates us, and the way in which we answer it, is what distinguishes our work from others.

In this 3-hour workshop, Stuart will guide participants through an exploratory process towards learning what this question might be for you, in your work as an artist.

Toni Stuart was born in 1983 in Cape Town, and holds a Diploma in journalism from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and a Masters degree in creative writing and education from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a poet, a performer and a spoken word educator. Her work has been published in anthologies, journals and non-fiction books nationally and internationally. Stuart has performed at several shows, including the Paris Autumn Festival 2013 (as part of France South Africa Seasons 2012/2013); poetry installation Here To Listen, London (2015), poetry & film exhibition From My View with filmmaker Shelley Barry, South Africa (2013); Stretching Silence with visual artist Firdous Hendricks South Africa (2013); sound installation Between Words and Images with curator & visual artist Ernestine White, South Africa (2013). Scottish Poetry Library’s Commonwealth Poets United exchange (2014).



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