The Drill #2: Creative Collaborations

The Drill #2: Creative Collaborations - Omenka Online

The Drill #2: Creative Collaborations is a digital event that will offer emerging creatives from around the globe (with a particular focus on those operating in the UK or/and Nigeria) the opportunity to learn from established international cultural leaders operating within their respective countries and internationally. This edition of The Drill will hold on 29 April 2021 with a focus on networking that leads to collaboration. The event is supported by a Creative Collab grant from The British Council and organised by Innocent Ekejiuba (Nigeria) and Saziso Phiri (UK).

The Drill #2: Creative Collaborations will be presented in two parts; part one will feature keynotes from two invited international cultural leaders about their experience of building networks and collaborations while part two will consist of breakout rooms chaired by the two speakers and is designed for networking between the participants and allowing them to know the speakers directly. Each keynote will be followed by a Q+A from participants.

Speakers are Louise Fedotov-Clements (UK), the director of FORMAT International Photography Festival and artistic director of QUAD as well as Jahman O. Anikulapo (Nigeria), the executive programme director of Culture Advocates Caucus (CAC) and programme chair of the Committee for Relevant Art (CORA).

Innocent Ekejiuba, the founder of The Drill explains, “The Drill is focused on supporting practitioners within the sectors of art and culture by providing them with access to knowledge, networks, and resources. We believe that not only is the understanding of multiple realities important to the growth of those who are in the early stages, but a vibrant constellation of networks also important to their growth. By organising training programmes that focus on fields and topics such as fiscal responsibility, healthcare, mental healthcare, contracts, articles of the law, and network building, The Drill hopes to help these practitioners achieve sustainability and longevity in their careers, whilst contributing to the ecosystem of arts and culture exchange.”

The Drill #2: Creative Collaborations will be broadcast live on Zoom and YouTube. Admission to the event is free of charge, and online registration is required at

Furthermore, the event co-organisers (Innocent Ekejiuba and Saziso Phiri) are available for comment or/and interview. For further information about the event please contact Innocent and Saziso, by emailing

About the Organisers

Innocent Ekejiuba is a project manager, art administrator, and founder of The Drill. Ekejiuba’s work is informed by his varying interests in art, technology, social media, traditional journalism, educational reforms, and history. He is also a tech enthusiast, media analyst and literary critic.

Ekejiuba currently serves as an advisor for FourthCanvas Design Agency. Previous appointments include curatorial assistant ART X Lagos and project manager for Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation (2016-2020). In 2019, he collaborated with art critic and writer Yinka Elujoba to form their two-man curatorial collective, Kaito Collective. He lives and works in Lagos.

Saziso Phiri is a curator and cultural producer, working independently and in partnership with organisations and individuals in the UK and internationally. She is driven by her passion for championing and supporting early career and emerging artists by designing and delivering development opportunities. A keen and passionate public speaker, she regularly participates in talks and panel discussions on subjects such as social practice, artist wellbeing, creative processes, career development in the arts, and alternative ways of curating. In 2016, she launched The Anti Gallery, a pop-up art gallery exhibiting and engaging exhibitions outside of traditional gallery environments. Current appointments include Curator-in-Residence at City Arts Nottingham; exhibitions producer at New Art Exchange and Maison Foo; curator, visual, digital and applied arts at UK New Artists, and co-curator at Backlit Gallery.

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