That was Then

That was Then

From December 11 to January 25, SMAC Gallery will present That was Then, a group exhibition of old and new artworks by its gallery artists.

Personal accounts of the past, especially when they are nostalgic reminiscences or embarrassing occurrences are told as a kind of that was then. These kinds of stories are told either longingly or with regret, both consistently indicating differentiation from the present self. In the words left unsaid, “That was then, this is now”, there is always a silent but that negates the then, separating the then from the now. This separation is what makes the interlude between the two apparent, opening up a rift in time, like an intermission between two acts – a pause in something that later continues but perhaps along a different path. That was then is simultaneously an acknowledgement and refusal of times past. Asking where does the past start, and where does the present end?

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