Tamerri Festival

Tamerri Festival

From November 30 to December 2, 2017, Root n Raw, will present  Tamerri Festival at the Sarius Palmetum and Botanic Garden, Maitama Abuja. Themed earth made, the three-day interactive festival aims at providing a platform for the various art forms that Nigeria has to offer, including dance, music, poetry, and art.

Tamerri Festival aims to promote the abundance of creativity and culture within the city of Abuja. It was born of the desire to create an alternate reality and provoke thought beyond divisive labels in order to understand diversity, identity, and ways of thinking. The Tamerri experience is one that has been crafted to give every participant and spectator a feeling of connectedness with the things they see, feel and touch, and the people they interact with. To achieve this, the team has created a series of events and activities beautifully crafted for an immersive experience.

This year’s edition spans over 3 days and is packed with activities for every age group to enjoy. It features activities such as the human library, learning, and craft workshops, fashion shows, photo exhibitions, and music. It also features some of Nigeria’s alternative artistes like Bez, Cef, Elle, Tara & Bella, Rubunu, Jessica Bongos, Falana, Stixx, Cheso, and Knote. In addition, activities will include flamboyant cultural dances and an African themed fashion show from respected designers, well-grounded in their African roots and traditions.


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