Summer Show 2017

The Summer Show 2017

Sulger-Buel Lovell presents Summer Show 2017, a joint exhibition by Zimbabwean artist Georgina Maxim and Ghanaian artist Larry Amponsah. Each artist creates rich and complex relationships in their work by means of image or texture, colour and unexpected juxtapositions. Like Summer itself, their work offers the promise of a season that will bring something new and fresh whilst still being rooted in the histories, travails and triumphs that have passed in seasons gone. This is an exhibition about looking to the future… one that suggests it will be bright indeed.

Georgina Maxim’s work is deeply rooted in the visual art and craft traditions from her country, combining weaving, stitch work and the utilisation of found textiles, she produces meditative and stunningly beautiful objects imbued with life and love. In some ways, each work is a tribute to and reflection upon the person from whom the original garment that serves as the basis for the work emanates. Through labourious, time-consuming and skilled sewing, these garments are charged with the artist’s own energies, thoughts and meditations to become objects of meaning and embodied knowledge.

Larry Amponsah draws from his knowledge of cultures and locales as diverse as Ghana, China and the United Kingdom (not to mention utilising images sourced from the universal World Wide Web) to create large-scale juxtapositions of found fragments of popular culture. These new imaginaries speak of the world today – fragmented, funny, tragic and somehow unreal yet lived. Amponsah is like the trickster figure, who holds up a mirror to reflect his culture-clash of diversity and dissonance to people.

The exhibition provides a platform for young artists to show their work in London and for the gallery to invite new talented creative practitioners to display their artistry in this context. In turn, this gives an opportunity for an international audience to view innovative work that they are unlikely to have seen. Both artists offer a window into the world, whether quiet, domestic and personal or loud, outgoing and futuristic. One thing is clear in seeing their works together: Summer is coming in.

The exhibition runs until August 12, 2017.



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