Setlamorago Mashilo: Against the Grain

Setlamorago Mashilo: Against the Grain - Omenka Online

From 13 May 13 to 19 June 2021, Everard Read Johannesburg will present Against the Grain, a solo exhibition by Setlamorago Mashilo.

Setlamorago Mashilo is compelled by a sense of social conscience. He employs the use of ‘dika le diema’ (Sepedi proverbs and idioms) into his multidisciplinary art practice, to translate the community’s oral histories into artistic interventions and installations.

Taking the baton from his earlier works, Mabu a u tswitsweBodulo and Landlords & Trespassers, Mashilo’s work oscillates around the ‘consequence’ of dwelling, building and thinking, often [re] interrogating and [re] articulating narratives that resonate individually and collectively about our sense of loss, nostalgia and inherited memories. His work becomes a form of conversation about the values of our societies; how they are deeply encoded in our language and the objects that are derived from them and, ultimately, how that extrapolates into the communities we grow up in.

Selected group/solo exhibitions include PPC Young Sculptor Awards, Pretoria Artist Association (2013); Fresh Produce, Turbine Art Fair (2014); Contemporary Totem Poles, Cool Capital Biennale (2014);  Landlords & Trespassers, Turbine Art Fair (2015) Emerging Artists, Shanghai Art Fair (2015); Capital Present, Fried Contemporary (2015); The Spiritual in the Material, Lizamore & Associates (2015); FETISH, Albany Museum (2015); When You Come Back, Art on Paper Miami (2015); New Voices, Lizamore & Associates (2015); African Equations, Lizamore & Associates (2016); Installation Art Fair, New York (2016); Tokyo International Art Fair (2016); Performing Wo/Man, North-West University Gallery (2016); Bodulo, Rotterdam International Art Fair (2016); Amandla! Reform, Debate, Redress, Oliewenhuis Art Museum (2016); Johannesburg Art Fair, Everard Read Gallery (2017); The Land Will Decide, Everard Read Gallery (2018); and Johannesburg Art Fair, Everard Read Gallery (2018).

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