Robel Temesgen: Confluence

Robel Temesgen: Confluence

From January 26 to March 3, 2018, Tiwani Contemporary, London will present Confluence, a solo exhibition by Robel Temesgen, whose practice has been concerned with developing a visual language for the spiritual. Here, Temesgen creates a convergence of seemingly disparate concepts, the spiritual and the political, which, on closer examination reveal themselves to be of equal importance. The exhibition is influenced by the occurrences of the 2016 Bishfto massacre, where an annual spiritual gathering by the Oromo people to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday, the Irreecha, in the sacred place Hora Harsadi, was soon appropriated by the people into an occasion for political protest. Temesgen takes his longstanding depiction and influence of Hora Harsadi, which often culminated in representations of a spiritual and mental landscape, and imagines the natural progression of the space as an occasion for necessary acts of activism.

In addition to his customary paintings and works on paper, Confluence sees an inclusion of handwritten newspapers that assist the confluence of the spiritual and the political. Due to the use of the specifically Ethiopian language Amharic in most publications, some readers will only understand some aspects of the project – that they are reading a newspaper and that the newspaper is handwritten – but will not understand the content of the form. As such, Temesgen detaches the subject matter from the form to the extent that the form becomes the content. The handwritten newspapers, and the broader exhibition invite issues of access, the possibility for public gathering, and the need for a self-imposed censorship that is influenced by the fear of the state.

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