Reminiscent Drive: A Vono Series

Reminiscent Drive: A Vono Series

From May 11 to June 8, 2017, Fried Contemporary will present Reminiscent Drive: A Vono Series by South African artist Cobus Haupt.

Reminiscent Drive: A Vono series, is inspired by Haupt’s trip to the West Coast where the vulnerability and fragility of the local people had an impact on him when thinking about it in comparison to the more distorted historical Voortrekker figures that come from his own history. The similarity between the town’s people and the historic figures becomes apparent in their fragile demeanour and uncomfortable nature.

Having worked off photos of his grandmother and great grandfather, for the exhibition, Haupt recreates historical figures applying a fragmentation aesthetic that is more roughly combined. Haupt says about the works, “There’s a distortion that makes people almost more human and it’s actually amazing how far you can push it but you can still see a human in there”.

Starting with his Vono series as a basis, Haupt believes that his works are a constant shift into a direction that now leads to telling a story. Reminiscent Drive: A Vono series explores the absence felt and emptiness of a town and the distortion of the people left there referencing its history as well as Haupt’s own. It serves as a reflection on how things have changed, making the disjointed representations uncomfortable yet still familiar.

Cobus Haupt was born in 1976 and holds a degree in B Tech Fine Arts from the Pretoria Technikon. He is known for his bronze sculptures and his work features the flawed bumps and unresolved imperfections left intentionally to highlight the casting process. This trait gives equal importance to the method and medium as it does to the human figure portrayed. Haupt has exhibited severally in South Africa including Vignette, Carol Lee Fine Art, Upstairs Bamboo (2013); Winter Sculpture Fair, Nirox Sculpture Park (2014); Local/ Locale, Carol Lee Fine Art, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg (2015); and Mapping Space, InToto Gallery, Johannesburg (2016). He was commissioned by the National Heritage Monument Project to complete a public sculpture of Walter Rabusana which currently resides at Fountains Valley, Pretoria. He was also commissioned to create a sculpture of J.T Gumede which is currently on view in Pietermaritzburg.


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