Taiye Idahor: Òkhùo

Taiye Idahor: Òkhùo

From February 9 to May 9, 2018, Tyburn Gallery, London will present Òkhùo, a solo exhibition of recent work by contemporary Nigerian artist Taiye Idahor.

Using collage, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media, Idahor explores layers of themes at once expansive and deeply intimate, expressing identity both female and African within the broader contexts of history, tradition, memory, and globalization. In many of her works, hair is a recurring motif which carries different symbolic elements, as well as the many facets and contradictions of female identity. Newsprint braids overflow from soft canvas and tracing paper surfaces, filled with secrets and memories. Across Idahor’s sculptures, drawings and collages, hair grows, blooms and transforms, creating new forms and identities.

Idahor does not shy away from creating dialogue around the roles and expectations of women in society, both in Nigeria and more broadly across an increasingly globalised world. In the Ivie series, faceless images of the elaborate coral beads traditionally worn by Bini royalty, and since recent times worn by brides, question the status and power of women, highlighting the ongoing struggle for equality.



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