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From 1 to 29 August 2020, 99 Loop Gallery Cape Town will present recent work by Cape Town-based artist Marolize Southwood.

Southwood’s latest body of work is a continuation of her interest in the constructed reality we humans create for ourselves. Rather than focusing on the absurdity within society’s reality as a whole, the artist has turned her focus inwards during this time of intense global isolation. The resulting body of work is a reflective series that tries to understand the ways in which our own personal realities and identities are constructed through our interpretation of the world around us. The series looks at how our processing of information influences the way in which we experience human concepts- all of which are incredibly complicated and wildly absurd when actually examined closely.

The subject matter in Southwood’s paintings depicts the notion of compounded and interpreted experiences becoming a sense of ‘reality’. A reality where we experience loss, regret, love, happiness, loneliness, and every other human emotion in-between. A reality that is for the most part compiled of our own personal fictional stories, those that are more rooted in interpretation than in ‘fact’.

Marolize Southwood was born in Potchefstroom and grew up in Viljoenskroon, a small town in the Free State. She completed her BAFA at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2017. At Michaelis, Marolize majored in photography but has since expanded her practice to include painting. Southwood’s work stems from a fascination with the constructed reality we humans have created for ourselves. The artist explores this notion through the use of spaces and objects. In her work, new realities and narratives are created through unusual pairings of the two. The resulting images invite viewers to explore potential meanings and links between the depicted objects.

By using familiar objects in unusual pairings, the artist aims to create a subtle absurdity in her work. This reflects her views upon modern human life, that if you look at it closely you notice the absurdity. In constructing a reality that is slightly absurd but also familiar, the objects and their connotations reflect the very real issues we face as a species due to our technological devices.

For the most part, the artist’s compositions are devoid of natural elements, except for the inclusion of flowers. These flowers represent the role that nature plays in this constructed human life, the amusement we gain from it, the strain we put on it and also our distance from it. Southwood believes that there is humour and beauty in the absurdity that is the human race, the things we do to pass the time and the stuff we make.

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