Recent Paintings by Mia Darling

Recent Paintings by Mia Darling - Omenka Online

From 31 July to 21 August 2021, Loop 99 Gallery Cape Town will present a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Mia Darling.

Mia Darling is an artist who was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a 2018 graduate of the Michaelis School of Fine Art.

She works with the unusual and playful medium of plasticine. Her plasticine paintings are created by using her hands as the paintbrush and perspex or glass as the canvas. Darling’s plasticine works are colourful and painterly explorations into beauty, childhood and body image. She is most excited by the fantastical, the girly and the romantic, and fascinated by all things pink.

Darling’s works often revolve around female nudes, drawing from Western canons and then doing away with the rules and restrictions of the past through the medium of plasticine. She deals with the body along with its modern and age-old issues, those which are influenced by society. She paints about her own bodily experiences alongside doves, cascading roses and kittens.

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