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Rachid Koraïchi: Tears That Taste of the Sea

Rachid Koraïchi: Tears That Taste of the Sea - Omenka Online

Tears that Taste of the Sea, an exhibition of recent work by Rachid Koraïchi, at October Gallery will run from 13 April – 12 June 2021. The exhibition presents a select sampling of Koraïchi’s works in different media created during this past year of global crisis and includes seven blue and white ceramic vases from the ‘Lachrymatoires Bleues’ series, three sets of seven paintings from the ‘Handkerchiefs of Hope’ series, three large steel sculptures representing vigilant guardian figures and one large etching, Le Jardin d’Afrique. The diverse works are linked together by the figures, glyphs and symbols of Koraïchi’s signature style of hand-drawn characters. Thematically speaking, they are related by their emphasis on the innumerable tears shed mourning the loss of loved ones, for reasons of displacement, migration and disaster, or the harrowing effects of the present pandemic. This exhibition marks the first time these four elements of The Garden of Africa, Koraïchi’s significant new project to create a cemetery in Southern Tunisia for the many migrants drowned while crossing the Mediterranean in search of a better life, are displayed together.

Rachid Koraïchi was born in Ain Beida, Algeria, in 1947, and now lives and works in Tunisia and France. He first studied at the Institute of Fine Arts and the Superior National School of the Arts in Algeria, before moving to France to continue his studies at the National School of Decorative Arts and the School of Urban Studies in Paris. Koraichi’s work extends across an impressive range of materials which include ceramics, textiles, bronze, Corten steel, alabaster, print and etching on paper and paint on canvas. His work is influenced by a fascination with signs: symbols, glyphs and ciphers drawn from a variety of languages and cultures.


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