Rachid Koraïchi: Les Maîtres du Temps (Masters of Time)

Rachid Koraïchi: Les Maîtres du Temps (Masters of Time)

From June 21 to July 28, 2018, October Gallery, London will present Les Maîtres du Temps (Masters of Time), an exhibition of recent works by Algerian artist Rachid Koraïchi.

Born in Ain Beida, Algeria, in 1947, Rachid Koraïchi now lives and works in Tunisia and France. In 2011, he won the prestigious Jameel Prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, exhibiting seven large-scale banners from ‘The Invisible Masters’ series.

Koraïchi’s impressive oeuvre includes large installations, ceramics, sculptures, textiles and works on canvas and paper. For Koraïchi, art represents an ancient pathway into the unknown. Signs and symbols from civilisation’s oldest languages are deconstructed and abstracted in the artist’s work to elaborate a personal visual vocabulary.

In this new series, Koraïchi explores our connections to the earth as source of life. The works comprise of white on blue canvases (entitled Les osties bleues – a reference to sacramental bread, used as part of Christian worship) which complement blue on white square ceramics (created by Koraïchi with a specialised atelier in Barcelona). Koraïchi continues to use this minimal palette, at times overlain with black figures, to emphasise the graphic power of his inscriptions.



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