Volume II Issue III


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Quintessential Wale Ojo

Wale Ojo has come a long way from a child actor to one of the most recognizable faces on African film and television. He chats with Oliver Enwonwu on his journey so far including his thoughts on the advances in technical standards in the industry and the future of Nollywood.

You have enjoyed a lengthy career in the movie industry, from being on the first television station as a child to acting professionally in the UK, and being featured in many other recent Nigerian films, what has the experience been like and what are the difficulties you have encountered on all sides?

The experience has been great and I am very grateful. Ever since an incredibly young age, I have always stared wide-eyed at the television screen trying to work out how I could get inside the small television set and star with the other actors. There have been challenges along the way, but adversity and obstacles have instilled in me a stronger determination to succeed and more so, they make one never want to rest on his laurels.




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