PIASA Organizes Its 9th African Contemporary Art Sale

PIASA Organizes Its 9th African Contemporary Art Sale

On May 15, 2019, PIASA will present its 9th African contemporary art sale featuring about 150 modern and contemporary works of paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures. A segment dedicated to textiles and design will be presented in an exclusive online sale.

The first section of the catalogue will be dedicated to modern artists: Ernesto Shikhani and Malangatana from Mozambique, Amadou Bâ from the Dakar school, or Kenyan artist Ancent Soi.

A chapter dedicated to the Kinshasa ‘popular painting’ artists will showcase several paintings by Chéri Samba, including his 2010 L’attachement aux racines. JP Mika, whose work Le Couple (2015) sold for €32.000 at PIASA in November of 2018, will be included in this year’s sale featuring paintings from his collaboration with Chéri Chérin as well as paintings on household fabrics, typical of his most recent production. Houston Malundi and Tsham, who both develop a minute and almost calligraphic design –one on the theme of the city, the other on tribal art – were met with enthusiasm by collectors in November. They will show another aspect of their creations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Senegalese artist Ibrahima Dieye will be presented for the first time in auction. Shown at the Dakar Biennale, in Europe and the U.S., he is presented alongside his fellow countrymen Soly Cissé, Aliou Diack, and Kassou Seydou. The latter saw one of his works sell for €33.800 in November last year.

Artists from the Ivory Coast will be represented by Armand Boua and Yéanzi, who reached a record €67.600 during the November 2018 sale. Both are part of the exhibition IN-DISCIPLINE at the Montresso Foundation’s Jardin Rouge, which opened in late February alongside the 1-54 Fair. Several of Aboudia’s works will be presented, including an exceptional series of 36 drawings dating back to his arrival in Brooklyn.

The November 2018 sale revealed the Ugandan scene, as well as the links between several artists and the Afro-American aesthetic. Artists such as Henri Mzili, Xenson, Ronex, and Sanaa Gateja who execute paper-pearl frescoes, as well as the young Arim Andrew will be featured once again.

During the May 15 sale, the exploration of the production of East-African artists will expand to Kenya with several works by Michael Soi, Peter Ngugi, Evans Mbugua and Richard Onyango, who participated in the Magiciens de la Terre exhibit in 1989.

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