Ozioma Onuzulike: The Way We Are

Ozioma Onuzulike: The Way We Are-Omenka Online

kó is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Ozioma Onuzulike, titled The Way We Are. Running from 29 March to 22 April 2021, this exhibition is the third chapter of a three-part exhibition series, ‘The New Nsukka School’, which re-examines the conceptual and material practices that characterise the Art Department at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Ozioma Onuzulike is a ceramics artist, poet and historian of African art and design whose studio work has largely focused on the historical and sociological roots of the political and socio-economic turmoil in Africa and their debilitating effects on daily living on the continent. He often explores the aesthetic, symbolic and metaphorical nature of clay (his basic material) and the clay-working processes – pounding, crushing, hammering, wedging, grinding, cutting, pinching, punching, perforating, burning, firing – in his making of the multiple units that characterise his mixed-media projects.

His recent work has been inspired by the aesthetic and conceptual force held by such natural resources as yam tubers, palm kernel shells and honeycombs which he mass-produces in terracotta and weaves together in often laborious processes. He configures a multiplicity of the individual units in ways that call attention to burning socio-political and environmental issues (such as reckless politics, bad governance, imperialism, terrorism and climate change) and their effects on the human condition in Africa and beyond.

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