IBK aka Spaceshipboi is a producer, rapper, singer, Songwriter, Vocal instructor, as well as the owner of the production outfit MARTIANSHIP. He was born in Warri where he spent his early childhood. IBK would first attend the N.N.P.C Primary School Warri, and later Demonstration Secondary School run by the College of Education Warri. There, he was schoolmates with Omawumi and soul queen Nneka. During this period, IBK joined the rap duo of producer Oscar Heman-Ackah and Aiwa, called the 4th Dimension; it was a period of growth and development in his craft. Though IBK might have grown up listening to jazz, soul and the likes of Nat King Cole, Chick Corea, Leo Sayer and Nina Simone, his incursion began with an introduction to the duo Kriss Kross in the 90’s. Soon, he and his brother were writing rhymes and recording on double deck cassette players that were in vogue at the time. He later studied Computer Engineering in Covenant University, and there his passion for music blossomed. Actively involved with the school choir, he became the music director.

This musical genius has worked with the likes of leading ace producer Cobhams Asuquo, as well as Muna, Yemi Alade, Modele, Sound Sultan, Durella, and Bez. His style is what he likes to call Spaceship-music; a fusion of neo-soul, Jazz, hip-hop and a touch of an out-of-this-world element

Your interest in music started very early. Why did you decide to pursue a degree in engineering instead of music?

This was simply because I had interest in engineering and I was still going through the process of discovering the best tool I could use to fulfill my mission on earth.

What is the story behind your stage name Spaceshipboi and company Martianship?

Spaceshipboi came as a result of my untamed, revolutionary music production skills. It only made sense to have a name that implied that I am out of this world. Same for my production outfit Martianship.

Who were your early musical influences and in what way have they influenced your sound?

There were tons of musicians I grew up listening to. I wouldn’t want to mention names because I’ll feel bad leaving anyone out but know this, they all stood/stand for a worthy cause.


Please tell us about your music school?

I started voice training sessions in my university days with the intent to help singers gain more confidence using the gift they have. I started the school with 40 students and went on strong for 3 semesters. After school I switched it up to one-on-one sessions. It’s been a while since I taught because I am more occupied with my personal mission.

What factors should prospective music students consider before specializing in a certain area?

The number one factor is passion. Are they passionate about what they want to do and hope to achieve via their craft? Because that’s the fuel that keeps one going.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

The top on my list would be the Metropole Orchest. an orchestra.

What achievements are you most proud of and why?

I am proud of all I have accomplished so far and the sole reason is because it shines the light on the God that sent me and inspires people to become more than they thought they could be.


Image: pulse.ng

Tell me about your single Lovers Dance and the inspiration behind it?

Lovers Dance was created with the purpose to address domestic violence in the home even though you wouldn’t hear that on the record. My belief is to focus on the solution rather than pay focus on the problem. So I focused on the meaning of true love as can be found in 1 Cor13:4-7 and tried to drive that home because if we all loved right, there would be no need to say “stop the violence”.

What unique challenges and rewards come from working as a professional musician?

I always view challenges as learning experiences, and most of them have to do with strategy. The ultimate reward for me is fulfillment. Seeing your dream manifest from the thought realm to the physical is mind blowing.

What can you say about the recent appearance of major music corporations like Sony in Nigeria, considering that many artistes prefer to publish and promote their music through self-owned indie labels?

It shows that they see potential in the Nigerian music industry and by this, I mean a way to make income. Most artists start out with the hope of being discovered by these bigger corporations so I am not sure it’s a case of them liking the idea of being self-owned as it is likely a means to an end.

In your opinion, how have platforms like mymusic.com.ng and Spinlet helped to provide artistes with a sustainable income, especially with the increased exposure to piracy over the Internet?

They provided a user-friendly platform to sell music content at affordable rates to music consumers online.

You recently starred in the movie 8 Bars and a Clef. Tell me what the experience was like?


Image: afrobeat9ja.com

It was an awesome experience. I learnt a lot and fulfilled a childhood fantasy. A shout out to the cast and crew on the project, I had a blast.

What’s next for Spaceshipboi?

Presently, I am working on a project called WORLDRADIObySPACESHIPBOI where I am able to travel to different countries around the World, working with local musicians and developing awesome music. I just did the first one in April 2016 in Cali Colombia. The record is called PADEYA and it is out on all digital media stores for purchase. The video is out on YouTube for viewing as well.


Ladun Ogidan is the Deputy Editor of Omenka Africa’s first art, business and luxury- lifestyle magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University, Nigeria. Ogidan is also Operations Manager at the Omenka Gallery, and Chief Operating Officer at Revilo Company Limited, a leading art publishing company in Lagos. She has co-ordinated several exhibitions at home and abroad.

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