October Gallery Celebrates Ablade Glover’s 85th Birthday

October Gallery Celebrates Ablade Glover’s 85th Birthday

From July 4 to August 3, 2019, October Gallery, London will celebrate Ablade Glover’s 85th birthday with an exhibition of vibrant new works by the artist. In a career spanning over five decades as an exhibiting artist, Ablade Glover is one of Ghana’s foremost painters. This new exhibition will showcase his adoration for the effervescent energy of Ghana.

As both an artist and an educator, Professor Ablade Glover has had an important impact on contemporary arts, helping shape the future of Ghana’s art scene through not only his own practice but through his teaching at institutions in Kumasi, Ghana.

Born in Accra in 1934, Glover occupies a significant place in Ghana’s contemporary art scene as both Founder and Director of the Artists Alliance Gallery. Trained in Ghana, Britain and the United States, Dr. Glover has accumulated a number of distinctions, which underline his significance as an artist and educator Until 1994 he was Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Art Education and Dean of the College of Art at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

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