Oarbt is Selected as a Top 10 Creative Industry Pioneer at TechInvest

Oarbt is Selected as a Top 10 Creative Industry Pioneer at TechInvest

The Mayor of London and UKBAA have selected Oarbt to be showcased at the next TechInvest on Feb 18, 2021, as one of London’s 10 most innovative Creative Industries pioneers. Launched in 2018, TechInvest seeks to find innovators that are at the forefront of fusing technology with creativity to transform how we live, work, play and interact with the world around us.

For the upcoming TechInvest dedicated to innovators in creative technology, the event will present companies which range from immersive and interactive technologies to gaming, digital media, design and streaming platforms. According to a statement from TechInvest, “Creative industries contributed more than £111bn to the UK economy in 2018. There is huge creativity in the UK, with so many finding innovative ways to channel this through technology – we look forward to showcasing exceptional products and services at this next TechInvest event.

Oarbt is a SaaS platform for users to build and customise 3D art immersive exhibitions that can be shared anywhere on the web. With a monthly subscription plan, users can access free and premium features to create 3D spaces in which artworks can be displayed for purchase. These spaces can be easily embedded onto external websites using 1 line of HTML code.

Through its industry-leading innovations in immersive technology, Oarbt can be used to create detailed renders of existing or imagined museums and galleries, reproduce artworks in meticulous detail and animate spaces, replicating the physical experience of engaging with art. Oarbt is truly interactive, allowing the viewer to learn the detail behind a work of art and make a purchase thanks to its intuitive technology.

Image: Kriss Munsya, The Eraser


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