Nollywood Week Paris

Nollywood Week Paris

Considering that Nollywood represents the world’s second largest feature film producing industry at a whopping 1,000 (approx.) films per year, it can pose quite the sifter’s task to identify some of the groundbreaking works of these filmmakers. Amongst many other reasons, this is chiefly why the importance of Nollywood Week cannot be overstated.

Kunle Afolayan on the set of Phone Swap

Kunle Afolayan on the set of Phone Swap

The art of filmmaking represents possibly the most multifaceted art form known to us today. From conception to its delivery on the big screen, artists and technicians from scriptwriters, to directors, actors, and even sound engineers, all have to work in collaboration to produce what the viewer eventually consumes. Four days is hardly enough time to appreciate the efforts of these artists, but Nollywood Week, which takes place in Paris, tries to pack in all the action and celebrations in just that time.

Since its inception three years ago, the festival has grown from an audience of 1,500 to an expected turn out of 5,000 in 2015. Nigeria is arguably the African continent’s hub of creativity, exposure to foreign viewers is critical for both growth and rebranding as the industry continues to evolve. This year, the festival will see the presence of many recognized Nigerian filmmakers and actors, as well as international critics and a mixed crowd of movie lovers looking to experience cinematography from a culture different from theirs. As the world continues to converge, establishing a global culture, it has never been more important to make cultural contributions on the world stage with events like the Nollywood Week.

Here is the list of films to be screened at the festival:

A Mile From Home directed by Eric Ameghien – When a university student joins a gang to take revenge on a gangster who had hurt him, he finds himself spiraling into a world that has him becoming the very person he seeks to destroy. He must ask himself how far down the road to destruction he is willing to go.

The Last Three Digits directed by Moses Igwang – What would you do if you ran into the love of your life in a shopping center by chance, only to leave with her number and find out it is three digits short of being complete? This is the story of Alex and his quest for love.

Dazzling Mirage directed by Tunde Kelani – Based on the novel of the same name, a young woman living with sickle cell anemia must overcome both physical and social obstacles to live a normal and fulfilled life, free of suffering and stigma.

Gone Too Far directed by Destiny Ekaragha – Africa meets Europe in this comedy where two brothers from both continents meet for the very first time after separation at infancy.

Love or Something Like That directed by Shirley Frimpong – Life is paradise for a busy surgeon who believes she has found her happy ending in love. An encounter with an ex-boyfriend will test her commitment.

Ojuju directed by C.J. Obasi – There is only one way in and out of the neighborhood and Romero and his friends must fight their way out of it when the water supply begins to infect people with rabid river blindness. A true Nigerian zombie thriller.

October 1 directed by Kunle Afolayan – In 1960, a Nigerian police detective is dispatched to investigate the murders of women in a small community.

Thy Will be Done directed by Obi Emelonye – The pastor of a large church in Lagos is living his life in normalcy until one day his wife returns after being thought to be dead for seven years.

As expected, the directors of all films will be present to discuss their work as will some of the actors including; O.C. Ukeje, Ramsey Nouah and Lala Akindoju.

Nollywood Week is certainly a welcome progress in the Nigeria movie industry and we will be keeping a close watch.


William Ifeanyi Moore is a prolific writer, poet, and spoken word artist, with a keen interest in exploring how different artistic media influence cultures and societies. He holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth.

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