One of Nigeria’s leading banks, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) has recently launched an online museum – Art635. In recent years, GTBank has been at the forefront of the promotion of visual art in Africa and Nigeria.



As part of its corporate social responsibilities, the bank launched the virtual museum featuring an art gallery, which serves as a storehouse of art from the African continent. Currently, Art635 contains work by mainly Nigerian artists (and one Ghanaian) based in Lagos but as time goes by, it is envisioned that the displayed works will increase in number and become more diverse.

Art635 swells the number of online art galleries or museums in Nigeria. It is one more avenue for artists to display their work, gain renown and attract collectors. The gallery features a wide selection of styles and genres including portraits and landscapes. The paintings are well described on the website, lending the viewer a better appreciation of individual work. Like a corporeal gallery, Art635 features several works by a single artist with an accompanying profile.

Art displayed at the museum can only be purchased or acquired by ordering a print. It is also possible to have an image of the art printed on a T-shirt, key ring or mug. This raises questions regarding whether or not this added feature has detracted from the genuineness and exclusivity of the art. It is however a positive step for the artist community in Nigeria as it makes their work more accessible to collectors and art lovers alike.


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