Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders

Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders

Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia presents Urban Riders, a solo exhibition by Algerian-born Mohamed Bourouissa. Curated by Sylvie Patry, deputy director for collections and exhibitions, and Gund Family Chief Curator, the exhibition features about 85 works including drawings, photos, costumes, sculptures, and a video; many presented for the first time in the United States.

Since 2002, Bourouissa has been developing a photography practice, drawing, and creating video rooted in social reality. Working primarily with representations of a contemporary urban environment, he is interested in the stereotypes associated with geographic and social spaces. Inspired by painting and contemporary photography, his works interweave fictional and documentary threads.

In 2014, for his first project in the United States, Bourouissa focused his attention on a North Philadelphia community’s efforts at neighbourhood revitalisation. His response included designing, staging, filming, and photographing an equestrian event, which he called “Horse Day”, at a local stable: his photographs and film show extravagantly costumed young riders and their decorated mounts as fantastic figures, transcending their economic circumstances. This exhibition showcases the body of work—already acclaimed in Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam—that Bourouissa inspired and created during his stay in Philadelphia. He lives and works in Paris

The exhibition runs till October 2, 2017 at Roberts Gallery.



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