Michael Meyersfeld: New Nuances

Michael Meyersfeld: New Nuances

From May 23 to June 15, 2019, Berman Contemporary will present New Nuances by award-winning fine art photographer Michael Meyersfeld. Curated by Els van Mourik, the exhibition highlights the artist’s ongoing interest in abstract photography and the nature of the photographic process.

His work, presented as social commentary, is notable for its stark, sometimes sombre, lonely and edgy imagery that has separateness from reality. His recent work has shifted to a contemplation of the inherent qualities in objects. They require a different type of eye, not an eye programmed to understand, to fathom or to find a narrative but one that is alerted to a deeper sense of awareness. The volume of the external world has been turned down in order that both the artist and the viewer can hear and feel the silence. These images could be rendered as abstractions, as less representational, less reliant on meaning and understanding. They are images drawing on texture and dramatic tension more than a linear narrative, pictures more inclined to be felt, to be experienced, than to be understood.

Meyersfeld has won numerous awards and his work can be found in significant collections including the Johannesburg Art Gallery, The Constitutional Court Art Collection, and The Absa Bank Collection.

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