Melanie Cleary: Another Day

Melanie Cleary: Another Day

“Another Day shares a similar genesis, the project found me. This time, inspiration presented itself in the form of undated, black and white contact sheet prints framed and installed in the foyer of one of the oldest special needs children’s homes in South Africa. I was on a job, commissioned by a client to photograph the building.”- Melanie Cleary

From May 6-29, 2014, Erdmann Contemporary will present Another Day by Melanie Cleary, an exhibition of black-and-white photographs. Cleary photographs people on the fringes of society. Her work is based around commentary on socio-political situations. She focuses on the marginalised sections of society that are lesser known and are often ignored – the people that most find either uncomfortable to notice, or not worthwhile taking any notice of.

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In her exhibition Another Day, she focuses on children with special needs. Here, the artist is successful in achieving her goal which was to capture the personality of each of these children, and to reflect their youthfulness of spirit at the same time. “I would like the audience to experience when looking at the photographs from the Another Day series. This obviously does not exclude the scope for any other emotions and messages that each individual subjectively may experience and ascertain when looking at these photographs.”

Cleary is a self taught photographer, who started taking her career in 2001 as a behind-the-scenes photographer working on film sets. Over the past decade, she has produced powerful exhibitions with strong social commentary. Portraiture is her strength and this is acknowledged by winning several awards. Her work has been included in several exhibitions in both Europe and China.

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