Maya-Inès Touam Wins LCC Program Award

Maya-Inès Touam Wins LCC Program Award

French-Algerian artist Maya-Inès Touam has won the LCC Program award by Fondation Alliances, for the exhibition Des rives (Drifting).

Des rives (Drifting) includes 10 recent and existing photographs, diptychs and triptychs. Drawing inspiration from Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 17th century, Touam produces chiaroscuro laden photography to produce contemporary still life. The exhibition also shows several still life displays, placed in a re-imagining of the artist’s studio which was formerly a butcher’s shop in Belleville, Paris, a traditionally Arabic area.

Heavily influenced by her upbringing in France with Algerian parents, Touam provides a commentary on the intersection of the Arabic world, Africa and the West, as well as questions the perceptions of East and West. The artist uses traditional objects from North Africa such as draped cloth, balghas (Moroccan leather shoes), crockery and seasonal fruit alongside Western products including an Adidas sandal, a counterfeit Gucci bag and an LED street sign. Desire, aspiration, identity and socio-political issues are all at play as the artist manipulates and reinvents the nature of her medium.

Launched in 2013, La Chambre Claire is a bi-annual exhibition that seeks to promote emerging contemporary photography. Through this innovative program, Fondation Alliances wishes to give a concrete impetus to the young creative photography through a consistent cultural patronage policy, as part of an alternative approach to that of the art market. Fondation Alliances has chosen to provide regular support to an emerging photographer, enabling him/her to produce his/her first solo exhibition and meet with the public.

This year, the winning artist receives $2000 prize money and a solo exhibition, which will be held at Villa Delaporte in Casablanca, Morocco. The award has been judged by a panel of experts including; Zineb Andress Arraki, architect and photographer, Meriem Berrada, head of cultural projects at Fondation Alliances and co-founder of LCC Program, Amine Boushaba, journalist, Olfa Feki, curator, Othman Lazraq, director of Fondation Alliances and co-founder of LCC Program, Nathalie Locatelli, founder of Galerie 127, Marrakech and Alya Sebti, curator and director of ifa Galerie, Berlin.

In partnership with The Ultra Laboratory (TUL), founded by artist Rita Alaoui and based in Casablanca, the LCC program has provided the young laureate with the support to develop her series ‘Ready Made’. This series earned her the February 2018 competition prize, which has facilitated the means to explore additional research possibilities and new productions.

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