Marc Padeu: All the Light on Me

Marc Padeu: All the Light on Me - Omenka Online

Running from 19 May to 11 June 2021 at Jack Bell Gallery is All the Light on Me by contemporary artist Marc Padeu. This will be his second solo show with the gallery.

I want to paint the daily life of the people around me, my family and friends. Since we all live together, I share their moments of joy, but also their sadness. Everything is not perfect, there are a lot of difficulties. However, I don’t feel obsessed with just showing this state of affairs. When I manage to capture a moment of joy, a slice of happiness that is just as perfect. In a way, painting their lives allows me to talk about my own life. I cannot work without historical and religious references in my painting. History is my passion and religious belief has always been very present all around me.

– Marc Padeu

Padeu was born in 1990 in Melong, Cameroon. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts (IBA) at Douala University in Nkongsamba. His work questions the memory of the past and the relation to the spiritual in current African societies. He admits to being challenged by the impact of the violence of terrorism on the current society as well as by the contemporary representation of the legacy of the triangular trade.

Padeu was laureate of the first art prize 2016: ‘Bimbia: Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Cameroon’ organised jointly by the Embassy of the United States of America in Yaoundé and the program Road chieftaincy. His works appear in the permanent collection of the World Bank Washington, but also in important private collections in the West (Francks Suss collection) in a collective exhibition initiated by the Jack bell gallery in London in 2014. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo presentation at Peres Projects, Berlin. He lives and works between Douala and Nkongsamba in Cameroon.

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