Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design

Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design - Omenka Online

From October 14, 2017 to January 7, 2018, the High Museum of Art will present Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design, a touring exhibition, offering a different look at African design through a myriad of diverse work by more than 120 artists. Ranging from playful to provocative to political, the work includes sculpture, prints, fashion, furniture, film, photography, apps, maps, digital comics, and more.

The exhibition proposes a vision of Africa in the twenty-first century as a place of unbounded optimism, rapid growth, and massive cultural transformation and presents the continent as a hub of experimentation that generates innovative design approaches and solutions with worldwide relevance. Making Africa focuses on a generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and designers from and within Africa who address a global audience and provide the world with a new vantage point on the continent. The exhibition also illustrates how the artists’ use their work to effect significant economic, social, and political change.

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