Liza Grobler: Voices from Deelfontein

Liza Grobler: Voices from Deelfontein - Omenka Online

What have we lost in the last fifteen months?

What have we gained? 

Voices from Deelfontein topography unfolds around a short film (10’24’’) titled Voices from a Divided Fountain.

The film premiered in Belgrade in November 2019 and was subsequently shown as an immersive installation in an abandoned building in Woodstock (August 2020) during the height of the pandemic. It speaks of the relativity of time, loss and the landscape as tacit witness to many epochs.

Voices from Deelfontein is a selection of works that developed out of this film. It is set in a specific geographical location (Deelfontein) in the Groot Karoo. All that is left is the crumbling arch of a once majestic hotel, a dilapidated kraal and a few graves in a landscape as old as time. The Landscape is the main character, yet traces of human activities are audible in the afternoon breeze. The viewer can step into the space, explore the clues in the landscape and travel inwards.

Liza Grobler (b. 1974 Cape Town, South Africa). Through her artworks, she explores the dialogue between inner and outer landscape. Her installations create dialogues with the spaces in which they are displayed and explore the connections between people, artworks and the world around us. The viewer is encouraged to travel with her into an imaginary world where fact and fiction becomes one. In this world, everything is in flux and anything is possible.  The objects, images and installations are constructed through collaboration, interaction and exchange. Gallery exhibitions, projects and interventions are integrated components that cross-reference one another.

Grobler received a MAFA (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University in 1999. She has attended residencies in Norway, Finland, the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Her work is included in numerous corporate and private collections, including the Francis Greenberger Collection (USA), Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium), Benetton Collection (Italy) and Nando’s International (UK, Australia and USA). To date, she has had thirteen acclaimed solo exhibitions and initiated numerous site-specific and collaborative interventions in South Africa and abroad.

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