Liza Grobler: Ripples of Perception

Liza Grobler: Ripples of Perception

Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, presents Ripples of Perception, an exhibition of installation and paintings by South African artist Liza Grobler. Central to the exhibition is the interactive installation Barbed Wire Paradise is Exactly Where You Art, commissioned for the “Unframed” section at the Cape Town Art Fair in February 2017. The work is constructed from tens of thousands of pipe cleaners and is visually reminiscent of a subterranean merry-go-round. The viewer can climb into the forms, walk through the space or simply observe from a distance.

Grobler is committed to the viewer/artist relationship and passionate about creating fantastical spaces where people can play with her. The best approach to the work is through sensory exploration: feeling, touching and seeing. “For me, that’s the real challenge: To shift perception. To trigger something in someone else through small, unexpected interactions” – Liza Grobler.

The exhibition includes a 13.7 metre modular monochromatic painting in hues of blues, a large beaded collage titled New Places to Visit and a video piece of a floating/flying carpet.

Ripples of Perception runs till August 8, 2017.


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