Lina Iris Viktor: Black Exodus: Act I – Materia Prima

Lina Iris Viktor: Black Exodus: Act I - Materia Prima

Amar Gallery, London presents Black Exodus: Act I – Materia Prima, a solo exhibition by British-based, Liberian artist, Lina Iris Viktor, running till October 20, 2017.

Bringing together recent and old works in a solely black and gold colour palette, the exhibition renegotiates artistic and socio-political definitions of “blackness”, whilst exploring existing narratives surrounding race and the African diaspora. Black Exodus marks the first ‘Act’ in an evolving series for the artist.

Presenting large and small scale gilded works on canvas and paper, the exhibition highlights the co-dependent relationship of light and dark, within a folkloric universe of the artist’s creation. Taking a new Exodus tale as a point of departure – a mythologised dystopia where the black race itself has been extinguished – Viktor’s works interrogate the implications of this theoretical future.

Lina Iris Viktor is a multidisciplinary artist, working across performance, painting, installation and photography. Of Liberian heritage, Viktor currently lives and works between New York and London. Uniting materials and methods from both contemporary and ancient art forms, her work calls into question the nature of time and being. Viktor’s utilization of ancient gilding practices is notable by the inclusion of 24-karat gold to create intensely evocative canvases embedded with “layers of light”, in the form of symbols and intricate patterns. These “light-works” at once address the infinite and the finite, immortality and mortality, microcosm and macrocosm, and the socio-political and historical preconceptions surrounding “blackness” and its universal implications.


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