From November 30, 2017, until January 27, 2018, Fried Contemporary Gallery, Pretoria will present LAND.BOU, an exhibition of works by South African-based contemporary artists, Minenkulu Ngoyi, Isaac Zavale, Sifiso Temba, Gawie Joubert, Miguel Oliveira, Sanele Omari Jali, Antonio Pacheco, Cloudia Hartwig.

Curated by Newton-based print studio, Prints on Paper, the exhibition explores ideas of land, the use of land and the ownership of land. Over the last three years, Prints on Paper has collaborated with several artists who employ images of animals to explore issues relating to land, colonialism, power structures, the ego, abuse, crime.

After completing his matric with a distinction in drawing at Bracken High School in 2007, Minenkulu Ngoyi went on to graduate from Artist Proof Studio (2011) in Johannesburg, a renowned community-based printmaking studio. His subject matter explores his relationship with the Shembe religion and culture, historically connected to his family. Ngoyi is also very active in creative workshops and collectives – he co-founded Alphabet Zoo, a Joburg street-culture zine that invites collaboration from young artists, illustrators, publishers, and designers. Presently, Ngoyi alongside Isaac Zavale runs the printmaking studio Prints on Paper.

Mozambican artist Isaac Zavale grew up in South Africa. He studied at Artist Proof Studio and is presently based at the Prints on Paper Studios in Ferreirasdorp, Johannesburg. His family fled to South Africa in 1989 during the civil war between “Frelimo and Renamo”. Once in South Africa, they experienced the “Inkatha” and ANC riots during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Zavale’s art revolves around his experiences and identity, lending a voice through visual iconography to some of the politics that have shaped his current existence.

Artist and printmaker Sifiso Temba was born in 1989. Temba employs charcoal, pencil, chalk, pastel, ink, and watercolour on paper as a medium of preference. Temba’s artworks explore issues of crime in South Africa and globally. In 2015, he completed a 3-year Professional Development Programme at Artist Proof Studio and in 2016, assisted in facilitating 3rd years in conceptual development at Artist Proof Studio. He is a member of the Wang’Thola collective. He lives and works in Vosloorus, Gauteng.

Visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Gawie Joubert was born in 1988. Joubert obtained a graphic design degree from the North-West University in 2010. Hereafter, he had a brief career as an award-winning art director, illustrator, and illustration lecturer. Joubert is known for his ethereal ink and charcoal drawings, that evolve around complex connections between humans and nature. His recent work can broadly be described as an experimental process, where he masterfully surrenders control to allow his medium to lay the foundation for his art-making. Fueled by his belief that humans are dependent on nature for psychological and physical well-being, Joubert creates artworks mostly depicting morphed figures and greenery. These artworks simultaneously explore the artist’s own interest in the fluidity of identity. He lives and works from his studio in Durban, South Africa.

Miguel Oliveira was born in 1982, Johannesburg. Graduating in communication design in 2009 at the Fines Arts School of Lisbon gave him the visual background to determine the minimal visual approach to his artworks as an artist. He has since then explored art as a form of research with different mediums ranging from photography, painting, printmaking, performance, and video featured in art festivals, private galleries, and art fairs. His work is a constant reflection of the Anthropocene era — a proposed epoch dating from when human activities started to have a significant global impact on earth’s geology and ecosystems. Oliveira likes to explore themes not only on the action/interaction of humans on earth but also how the different contemporary social scenes form structures of behaviour with multiple layers that interplay in the natural and urbanscapes. He lives and works in Cape Town.

Sanele Omari Jali was born 1984 in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu Natal and graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus with a BA Fine Arts Degree majoring in Fine Art and Art History in 2010. Omari Jali specialised in printmaking with a major interest in Lithography as a focused medium. He has worked as a printmaker at the University of KwaZulu Natal Centre for Visual Arts as well as at LL Editions as a Studio Printer 2014. He presently works as a freelance Master Printer at Prints on Paper at Assemblage Studios in Ferreirasdorp Johannesburg.

Johannesburg-based Chilean designer Antonio Marin was born in 1983.  He aims to understand this land of crossing-cultures through nature poetry. ‘Pajaristico, the language of the birds’, is a series of prints that feature birds usually seen around Johannesburg. The prints present nine birds species with three variations of each one; their inner, their outer and their void. The birds are shaped by circles revealing their geometric morphology, circles that also show how they communicate by their songs. This series is based on the poem Observations of the language of the birds from the Chilean poet Juan Luis Martinez.

Cloudia Hartwig was born in 1983. In 2012, she graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Mtech Fine Art cum laude. Hartwig presently runs her own printmaking studio in Maboneng, Johannesburg. She has exhibited widely and has taught printmaking since 2007. She lives and works in Johannesburg.

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