Isale Eko: A Play to Commemorate Lagos at 50

Isale Eko: A Play to Commemorate Lagos at 50

Lagos is renowned for her beauty and magnificence, steeped in 400 years of rich culture and traditions. Before the colonial era, Lagos was known as Eko, a name she is still fondly called by residents. Eko is said to have come from the Yoruba word oko – cassava farm or eko, which means war camp. Often touted as the fourth largest economy in West Africa, Lagos State was created on May 27, 1967 according to the State Creation and Transitional Provisions Decree No.14 of 1967.

An economic and cultural force that has been in existence for centuries, it is no wonder that Isale Eko, a special and satirical stage play has been designed to commemorate Lagos’ 50th anniversary. The play, an animated fictional display set in the 14th century, uses a combination of song and dance to tell a story of romance and Lagos in the throes of slave trade and power struggles.

Lagos NIPR chairman Olusegun McMedal. Image credit:

The play has been endorsed by the Lagos State Government, as well as the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). According to the Lagos NIPR chairman Olusegun McMedal, the play will “educate, inform and entertain its audience on the rich cultural heritage of the people of Isale Eko, in an entertaining atmosphere.”

Isale Eko has an excellent line-up of executive producers in the likes of Olisa Adibua, Joseph Edgar, NseObong Ekong, as well as Ayo Badmus who inspired it. The cast will feature such celebrated artistes like Yinka Davies, Patrick Doyle and Yemi Shodimu, under the directorial guide of talented writer and stage director, William Benson.

Isale Eko is scheduled to hold on Easter Friday and Saturday, April 14 to April 15, 2017 at the prestigious MUSON Centre, Onikan in Lagos.



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