Isaac Emokpae: Transparent

Isaac Emokpae: Transparent

The exhibition features stained glass pieces, and never-before-seen works paying homage to the fatherly figures- both earthly and divine- who have played significant roles and spurred the artist on his creative journey. Emokpae is well-known for his paintings on board and canvas, as well as for his themes and principle of duality.

Emopkae is the son of well-known Nigerian modern artist, Erhabor Emokpae. Born in 1976, he studied art at the University of Lagos under Professor Abayomi Barber. Although he studied painting at the university, Emokpae has worked in fashion photography and journalistic photography for most of his career. He has won awards such as the UNESCO Save of Treasures art competition in Troyes, France (1996) and the Hasselblad Masters (Semi-Finalist Award) for Photography (2007).

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