Ireti at the Festival Cinema Africano Asia e America Latina

Ireti at the Festival Cinema Africano Asia e America Latina

Tope Oshin Ogun is well known in the Nigerian film industry. A director, producer and casting director, she graduated in 2000 from the Lagos State University with a degree in Theatre Arts, TV & Film Production, and specialized in Cinema at the Colorado Film School, United States.
Remarkably, Tope directed 350 episodes of the popular African soap opera Tinsel, while working on three award-winning short films, The Young Smoker, Till Death Do Us Part, and New Horizons. In 2012, Ogun made her first feature film Journey to Self and in 2015, Oshin was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus.

Ireti (2016), the Yoruba word for hope, is an 11minute psychological thriller, written, produced and directed by the award-winning director, which features Anne Njemanze (Tinsel). It was premiered at the 26th edition of Festival Cinema Africano Asia e America Latina in Milan this April. It is about a woman in a dark cell who has become prey to her thoughts, memories and the desire for the life that throbs outside the bars through which light and colour enter. However, an unusual encounter in the cell will change her life forever. A 2-man cast, Ireti boasts of highly professional and award-winning crew members like Adekunle Nodash Adejuyigbe, Mike-Steve Adeleye, and Michael TRUTH Ogunlade. It was also in competition with 11 short films and documentaries from the African continent for 2,000 euros, monetary reward funded by MoneyGram.

The short film has already earned Tope some international awards at the Women Only Entertainment Film Festival (WOEFF), an online film festival promoting women working in the film industry, for Best International Short Film, Best International Female Director and Best Female Actor. Ireti will also be screened at The Cameroon International Film Festival 2016 from April 24-30.



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