We all know that moment, when a woman walks past you and the fragrance that surrounds her seduces you; makes you want to ask her what she dabbed herself with, that is so absolutely delicious.

Smell is a sensitive and effective sense but it is one we take for granted far too often. When selecting a scent, a woman should aim to be subtle and memorable. Below are a couple of different scents and what impression they make on the noses of those you glide by.

Perfume is known to have three notes – the top note, the middle note and the base note. As the hours go by during your day, the top note will wear thin allowing the middle note to become the stronger, followed by the base.

The top note is that initial assertive smell that strikes you when you inhale the perfume and often its selling point. But we all know there is a moment after the perfume has been sprayed, when the smell is less sharp and there is a mellow feel. This is the middle note and it is considered the heart of the perfume. Personally, I believe this to be the most important note. It takes a while to perceive the base note, but it is the backbone of the perfume. When choosing your perfume, pay attention to the middle and base notes as the top note can be deceiving.

Nonetheless, we tend to lean towards a certain fragrance family depending on our personality type.

Citrus scents have the clean tangy aroma of citrus fruits. They are great for those who like the simple and fresh, and who favour the great outdoors. I believe they also have a – I just came out of the shower – feel to them and are a great morning scent. This is also a good choice for the clean-cut man.

Floral scents are also great morning scents. They smell like freshly cut flowers and are very feminine. They are a wonderful choice for those who have a romantic side. If you enjoy the scent of a particular flower, then maybe you should try fragrances that include notes from it.

Oriental scents are quite powerful and they include notes of musk, vanilla and oriental resins. They are very alluring and great for the edgy individual who likes to try new things.

However, if you are looking for sexy, woodsy scents may well be the way to go. Woodsy are also a great choice for the man who wants women lining up at his door.

Don’t spray too many perfumes when shopping, as you will soon be unable to distinguish between them. Choose 2 or 3 and leave some time between spritzing. Remember, when choosing your scent, look beyond the name of the perfume. A particular fragrance might be popular but it may not necessarily be the right one for you.



Oyinkan Braithwaite is a graduate of Creative Writing and Law from Kingston University. Following her degree, she worked as an assistant editor at Kachifo and has been freelancing as a writer and editor since. She has had short stories published in anthologies and has also self published work. In 2014, she was shortlisted as a top ten spoken word artist in the Eko Poetry Slam.

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