Barnard Gallery Cape Town is pleased to present Hopes and Dreams, a group exhibition featuring Justine Tjallinks (Amsterdam), Justin Dingwall (Johannesburg), Miriam Tölke (Berlin), Tshepiso Seleke (Johannesburg), John Baloy (Johannesburg), Alastair Whitton (Cape Town), Nonzuzo Gxekwa (Johannesburg) and Zanele Muholi (Johannesburg).

In the words of legendary singer, songwriter, poet and Nobel Prize laureate Bob Dylan “… the times they are changing”.

Indeed, the times they have already changed. As 1939 was, the year 2020 is a global marker – a war of a different kind and the world as we know it will never be the same.

As we fumble around wondering what happened and what the ‘new normal’ will be it’s not whether we are North or South, East or West, black or white, male or female that ultimately matters.

The common denominator is our humanity, our fragility in the face of realities that are beyond our control. Now is not the time for walls but rather bridges. A time to reflect, a time to connect, a time to reach out a helping hand – people matter.

Hopes and Dreams – an online exhibition in three parts – includes a selection of images and works by artists from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia that consider and acknowledge our shared vulnerability while looking to and dreaming of a brighter future.

Each part will reflect on the notion of Hopes and Dreams in broad terms and explore this through a particular medium. Part I considers this open narrative through the medium of photography, specifically images in monochrome as well as black and white.

Hopes and Dreams runs until 7 September 2020, at Barnard Gallery Cape Town.