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A Poem That Is Not Our Own, William Kentridge’s first major solo exhibition in Switzerland, opens at the Kunstmuseum Basel on June 10, 2019. Spanning the course of a three-decade-long career and curated by Dr Josef Helfenstein the exhibition sheds light on Kentridge’s early graphic art and films from the 1980s and 1990s. Several previously unseen works in Europe, as well as a new film inspired by the museum’s......

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Surpassing the Eternally Mysterious Afro-surreal - Omenka Online

From November 7 to December 26, 2019, Sulger-Buel Gallery will present Surpassing the Eternally Mysterious Afro-Surreal by Cameroonian artist Adjani Okpu-Egbe. Overtly characterised by the subject matter and themes that Okpu-Egbe considers relevant to the times, this exhibition contains works whose thought-provoking social commentary are deeply embedded in semi-abstract Afro-Surreal figurative expressions voicing an urgent need to boost parallel structures for: “resisting injustice,......

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Hennessy Artistry in Nigeria Celebrates 10th Anniversary with  Limited Edition by Osa Seven

On October 25, 2019, Hennessy will unveil a limited edition of its Hennessy Very Special cognac, featuring a design conceptualised and developed by Nigerian urban artist Osa Okunkpolar, also known as Osa Seven. This unveiling marks the 10th anniversary of Hennessy Artistry in Nigeria. It is a decade of collaborations with emerging music and art talents from Nigeria’s evolving urban-culture scene. A trailblazing......

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Dillon Marsh: Counting the Costs - Omenka Online

Gallery MOMO Cape Town is proud to present Counting the Costs, a solo exhibition by South African artist Dillon Marsh. Earth is in the grip of an unprecedented warming trend and there is little doubt that greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause. We are making the planet hotter, and the effects of this can be clearly seen in the rapidly shrinking glaciers worldwide.......

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Paulo Nazareth: PHAMBI KWENDLOVU - Omenka Online

Stevenson, Cape Town is proud to present PHAMBI KWENDLOVU by Paulo Nazareth, the artist’s first solo exhibition on the continent. Nazareth, who describes himself as an artist ‘that lives and works throughout the world’, integrates found imagery, organic matter and urban detritus into his sculptures, installations and paintings, to spotlight the connections between historic migrations, contemporary expressions of the colonial encounter and the......

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Simon Gush: Welcome to Frontier Country-Omenka Online

Stevenson, Cape Town is pleased to present Welcome to Frontier Country by Simon Gush, the artist’s first solo exhibition in the city since 2013. Gush writes: This project started in 2016 as a simple idea for a short film based on an anecdote about my ancestor, Richard Gush. On arriving in Salem, South Africa, he deliberately built a church before building a house for......

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Born in 1934 in the Brazilian Quarter of Lagos, Yusuf Grillo is considered one of Nigeria’s most influential art figures. He is famed for the inventiveness of his work and for his preference for the colour blue, which features heavily in almost all of his paintings. His work is deeply influenced by traditional Yoruba philosophy and sculpture. As a member of the Zaria......

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John Murray: Sum of its Parts - Omenka Online
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October 21, 2019

John Murray: Sum of its Parts

Running from October 23 to November 30, 2019, at WHATIFTHEWORLD is Sum of its Parts by South African contemporary artist John Murray. This body of work is a reconciliation of Murray’s two signature styles, abstract and figurative painting, through conveying his working process. Setting itself up as the unfolding of a sketchbook, or as the act of turning the studio inside-out, the exhibition......

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