Guy du Toit: On a Roll

Guy du Toit: On a Roll - Omenka Online

From Jul 7 – Jul 27, 2021, Everard Read Cape Town will share the latest collection of bronze hares by Guy du Toit in On a Roll.

The hare is a lively, witty, likely-to-do-the-unpredictable sort of animal. Under Du Toit’s deft manipulation, it has come to stand as a surrogate for our human existence, as well our relationship with the natural and social world, allowing us to smile at both it and ourselves.

In On a Roll, the hares move through their world – often on wheels – with a sense of joyful aimlessness, ears blowing in the wind, arms waving in the air. Some have taken a moment to rest, considering their next destination.

Perhaps now more than ever – in the midst of another strict lockdown, once again separated from the comfort of others – we should emulate these lagomorphs. Whether riding alone on a skateboard, or holding their children’s hands, or just sitting on a bench next to their partner, these mindful creatures are able to tune into their inner worlds and find peace, satisfaction and joy in what they have.

Guy du Toit uses a wide range of media in his sculptures, including bronze, stone, wood and steel, and draws in pen, ink and charcoal. He has exhibited extensively, both locally and internationally, and has been consistently supported by private and public collectors, institutions, academics and fellow artists.

Honoured with several awards, he curates and adjudicates exhibitions and lectures at a number of institutions, including Pelmama Academy in Soweto, Pretoria University, Johannesburg and Pretoria Technicons, and the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music. He gives workshops throughout South Africa and has been involved in community projects, seminars and symposia.

The past few years have increasingly been spent on private and public commissions and in working closely with artists and businesses, especially those involved in design, communications, architecture, advertising and entertainment. Guy currently teaches part-time at the University of Pretoria and works full-time from his new home and studio in Swavelpoort.

Guy du Toit’s apparent irreverence can obfuscate the fact that he is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most accomplished sculptors. “Liberated” (as he says) by the advent of democracy in South Africa from having to concern himself and his art with the notions of identity, he has happily turned his attention to “less provincial” pursuits like revelling in form, concept and media for their own sakes. Du Toit uses the unexpected juxtaposition of bronze casts of universal, everyday found (and made-to-look-found) objects to invite his audience to invent dialogue themselves.

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