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Tempest is a Premium Magazine WordPress Theme crafted with attention to detail and needs of the customer, by people who know how to run a magazine and what you need for it. In includes the features you need the most, a built-in like system, unlimited sidebars, a lot of custom widgets and options. It is easy to use and change, with a complex and user-friendly theme options panel.

2 types of featured areas

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10 ways of showing your posts and custom posts

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Unlimited color options

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Typography options

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typography[/red_one_half] [red_one_half]

Post rating system

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rating[/red_one_half] [red_one_half]

Subscriber only posts

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subscribers[/red_one_half] [red_spacer spacer_margin=”2″][/red_spacer]

3 different post layouts

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And a lot more. Check out the rest of the demo!