Fatima Tayob Moosa; Periodic Motion

Fatima Tayob Moosa: 'Periodic Motion'

From March 27 to April 26, 2019, 99 Loop will present a solo exhibition by Fatima Tayob Moosa’s titled Periodic Motion. Moosa’s work can be described as a generative process that explores her understanding of life, related to spiritual, religious and cultural beliefs. Through the continuous process of painting and mark making, in the form of a pendulum, she communicates and investigates her belief that all matter and energy is connected through the circular spiral form which is made up of micros and macros that form a whole.

Moosa sees the pendulum as a natural scientific system that reflects a global construct of everything that is, seen in the movement and make-up of the universe as well as anatomical and molecular structures that occur in nature. This movement is also an encapsulation of a state of being which occurs on a physical, mental and spiritual dimension.

The artist explores how this motion can be translated into the concept of evolution and metamorphosis, by continuously re-generating the marks and nuances created by the pendulum through the use of positive and negative space.

Moosa’s experience with the pendulum thus far; is that it always follows a path, once released into motion, whether symmetrical, asymmetrical, balanced or imbalanced, it always follows a predetermined course of motion. She is interested in the dichotomy between the pre-determined path of the pendulum and its many “spontaneous” outcomes, which can be seen as somewhat ironic but also reflects the synergy between the idea of fate and free-will.

This process allows her to introspect on what faith means to her, which is a deep connection with a higher universal energy seen in a symbiosis between Moosa’s individual expression and the system generated by the pendulum.


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