Fatima Tayob Moosa: Internal Landscapes

Fatima Tayob Moosa: Internal Landscapes-Omenka Online

From 3 to 31 October 2020, Loop 99 Gallery Cape Town will present Internal Landscapes, an exhibition of recent work by Fatima Tayob Moosa.

“My work explores the effects of a forced hibernation and my response to it. Isolation is not a natural process for humans, however, it can offer the opportunity to slow down and reflect deeply on who we are. Stripping ourselves of external attachments lends us to deep questioning about those parts within ourselves that are only known to The Creator. For me, this prolonged period of going within became quite overwhelming. I couldn’t fully shut out the outside world and I continued to question the reason for my forced isolation. The more I tried to rationalise my emotions related to this submission, the further I moved into a surreal reality. Thus creating a strong awareness of the translucency of emotion and the physicality of the body. These works are a visceral reaction to my experience. A  place where thoughts and feelings eluded logic and can come to rest. They can be seen as internal landscapes where the visceral and bodily meet, in a discovery of the fragility and strength within femininity.”

Fatima Tayob Moosa was born in 1983 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She received a BA Interior Design in 2008 at the Greenside Design Center, College of Design in Johannesburg and recently completed a BA Hons Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire in Edinburgh through the Interactive Design Insitute.

Tayob Moosa is a process-based artist who works in multiple media including, yet not limited to painting, drawing and photography, with a focus on the idea of how elements can evolve to create new narratives and meaning. Her practice is strongly inspired by the relationship between physical and metaphysical energy which she explores through mark making and various versions of abstractions. Her work can be found in the collection of Pierre Lombart for the South African Foundation for Contemporary Art Collection. She presently lives and works in Johannesburg with a studio based at August House.


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