Emo de Medeiros Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Trans-media Artwork

Emo de Medeiros Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Trans-media Artwork

Beninese artist Emo de Medeiros recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of his installation conceived for this year’s edition of Dak’Art, the longest running biennale showcasing contemporary African art. Titled )U(, the installation is a multimedia and interactive piece that will occupy a 300-square metre space and unfold in one of the courtrooms of the former Palais de Justice.

The installation would consist of mirrors, screens and monitors to broadcast live video streams and videos, surveillance cameras, neon lights, motion detectors and a polyphonic soundtrack. De Medeiros hopes the work will inspire younger generations of artists in Dakar to continue stretching the boundaries of art practice.

Emo de Medeiros’ work is based on a concept he calls “contexture” and which focuses on transculturality, interconnection, transformation, hybridisation, and the circulation of forms, myths and goods in a post-colonial, digital and globalised world. It mobilises notions of origin, place and identity to question their context and meaning within our increasingly globalised culture. His works incorporate a marked conceptual dimension and are characterised by a serial, rhythmic and participative approach, by mixing traditional and technological materials, as well as serve as link between art and transcendence. Medeiros employs a wide range of other media, including sculpture, video, photography, performance, electronic music, phone calls, installations, painting and appliqué.

Installation view

The courtroom in the former Justice Hall of Dakar

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