Emeka Ogboh: No Condition is Permanent

Emeka Ogboh: No Condition is Permanent

From September 13 to November 24, 2018, Galerie Imane Farès will present No Condition is Permanent, Emeka Ogboh’s first solo exhibition in Paris, curated by Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi. The title of the exhibition is a derivative of a popular Nigerian phrase “No Condition is Permanent”, which reflects the shifting nature of the human condition. It also affirms this indefatigable spirit of Lagos, a city with a human population of over twenty million.

Ogboh works in a variety of media with sound as his principal medium and is one of the most innovative conceptual artists practising today. In the last ten years, Ogboh has expansively explored the megacity in the throes of infrastructural changes and socioeconomic development. Through sounds that permeate the public spaces and serve as an interface of collective and subjective everyday experiences, He displaces the primacy of sight in experiencing and understanding Lagos. His work requires a phenomenological immersion that results in the viewer experiencing Lagos auditorily and with the power of the imagination without being physically present in the city. Parallel to sound experiments, he has addressed Lagos’s chaotic kaleidoscope using a range of media. No Condition is Permanent brings together ambient sound recordings, sound portraits, stained glass light boxes, photograph and video installations, all centred on Ogboh’s ‘Lagos Soundscapes’ project. It also includes Ogboh’s first music album inspired by Lagos soundscapes and influenced by the electronic music scene of Berlin, where he currently lives.



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