The Eclectic Art of Rising Photographer Louis Philippe de Gagoue

The Eclectic Art of Rising Photographer Louis Philippe de Gagoue

Cameroonian-Ivorian fashion photographer Louis Philippe de Gagoue explores Africa through his lens. Born in Ivory Coast but raised in France, De Gagoue’s portfolio consists of a unique blend of his African heritage and the Western world. Through culturally loaded sets, his work offers a bit of escapism as viewers experience his striking colours.

For de Gagoue, photography has no borders; he effortlessly draws inspiration on his travels from history, culture and people, particularly seeking out Black female models for their strong features—traits deemed as unconventional beauty.

de Gaguoe also speaks on his use of photography to challenge negative stereotypes thrust on Africa. “I want to show that Africa is not what people think. I play with stereotypes and how we can find beauty in everything.” He affirms; “The continent is beautiful from its architecture to its women. We shouldn’t wait for anyone to help us. The future is being true to who you are and where you are coming from.”

About his style of photography, he says: “My style is eclectic, I really like to mix different things together. I like colourful and very graphic motifs and settings. There is something about the past that I like, and there is also a mixture of the past and the modern. I use an analogue camera. So my photos possess a vintage touch. I get inspiration from everywhere. I draw inspiration from everywhere —even   from a movie, one’s face or even movement. I am also inspired by literature.”

Though, very much the talented photographer, photography was not his initial calling as he studied law at university, transitioned to fashion 7 years later, before delving into photography in 2016. Just 7 months after, he landed his first Vogue cover, which he describes as “rare and unheard of.” Since then, his work has featured in other major publications including France’s L’Officiel, Elle, Nylon, Brownbook and Blonde.

With an upcoming 10-page spread in Russian Vogue and brands like Chanel, Prada, Versace, Edun, Loza Maléombho as clients, Louis Philippe de Gagoue continues to gain increased recognition all over the world.

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