Divas’ Dream Immortalising Female Beauty

Divas’ Dream Immortalising Female Beauty-Omenka Online

Enchanted by the magnetism of a diva, Bulgari captures her allure in Divas’ Dream luxury jewellery. Embodying her glamour, grace and charisma, the collection’s feminine shape exalts the voluptuous curves of ancient Roman mosaics,featuring sensual gem designs that are spirited and intense.


During the romantic Dolce Vita years, film stars discovered their love for the Italian jeweller. Today Bulgari’s fine jewellery is entirely inseparable from the world’s most exquisite celebrities.

Lily Aldridge: A Diva’s Charisma


Playing with vanity, the feminine curves of these jewellery creations embrace coloured gemstones and elegant diamonds. Revealing a secret known only to Bulgari, the mosaic-inspired jewel is proudly symbolised by the peacock, the graceful motif of rebirth.


Swaying with master craftsmanship, the arches of the Divas’ Dream Gioco e Vanità echo the patterned Roman mosaics of an ancient palace. Shining with brilliant colour like the fanned tail of a peacock, the precious necklace combines blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, to steal the show.


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