Dennis Osadebe: Work. Life. Balance

Dennis Osadebe: Work. Life. Balance

Jumee Kim Gallery is very proud to present Work. Life. Balance, the first solo exhibition of Nigerian mixed-media artist Dennis Osadebe in South Korea. Known for his pop aesthetic and reductive visual language, Osadebe’s work possesses a seamless interface between artifice and realism. This exhibition features a selection of 14 works, on canvas, prints and sculpture created by the artist from 2017 till date.

Characterized by geometric blocks of contemporary vibrant colour palettes and figures in extensive hypnotic patterned outfits, Osadebe’s works over the past 3 years has evolved into the artist developing his own personal iconography, that is quite unique. Drawing inspiration and influence from artists such as David Hockney, Kerry James Marshal, Michael Craig-Martin, Roy Lichtenstein in their bold aesthetic, Osadebe’s work is inspired by day to day life, for example, surfing the internet, watching the news or having a conversation. The artist says “Whatever I come across that sparks my interest consciously or subconsciously will find a way into my work.” Like the title of the exhibition, the works playfully explore leisurely pleasures in serious environments – the workspaces – from figures eating ice cream, to what should be a CEO dancing, to trying to catch some air.

Dennis Osadebe is best known for his vibrant post-pop style—a unique blend of digital processes, which he uses to create canvases that are subsequently layered with acrylic paint. With his characteristic use of flattened planes and bold colours, the artist creates what he refers to as a “neo” visual style, one that is “modern, bright, expressive, and provocative.”

In his work, Osadebe deconstructs the notion of contemporary African art, questioning exactly what it means. Self-taught and working professionally since 2013, he has long been frustrated by the limiting label of “African art” that gets slapped on the work of artists with connections to the African continent.

Working primarily in digital and traditional media, the artist employs rectilinear and curvilinear lines in delineating minimalist geometric shapes, creating plasticky scenes with themes ranging from the every day to the futuristic. He explores the increasingly blurred line between digital and traditional painting techniques, creating work with rich materiality and a multiplicity of form.

Dennis Osadebe has had several group and solo exhibitions both in Nigeria and outside the country. Some include Objets Fetiches at L’Open Studios (Paris, France); ARTOJA at Art Twenty One (Lagos, Nigeria); and Remember the Future (solo exhibition) at Red Door Gallery (Lagos, Nigeria). Osadebe has also participated in several international art fairs, including FNB Joburg Art Fair (Johannesburg, South Africa) and The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi (New York, USA).

Dennis Osadebe: Work.Life.Balance runs at Jumee Kim Gallery until August 21, 2019.

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