Chris Valentine: Subtext

Chris Valentine: Subtext

From January 31 to February 24, 2018, 99 Loop gallery, Cape Town will present Subtext, an exhibition of recent paintings by South African artist Chris Valentine.

Born in 1990, Valentine’s interest in image making began at a young age, with obsessive sketches of Asterix and Obelix, comic book superheroes and the making of action figures from paper, cardboard and whatever else he could find. After matriculation, he worked as a graphic design intern, producing branding material, album covers, and artwork, leading to his decision to go freelance in 2010. He later built up a supportive client base, eventually persuading them to allow him to integrate illustration into their branding. This freedom allowed Valentine to focus more on his fine art, which explores classical and contemporary painting through the lens of urban culture. The artist is rapidly establishing a solid following for his bold portraits through which he questions the formation of identity in the age of the internet.

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